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Unreal Engine 4

Escape Game!

Escape Game is an Unreal Engine 4 game in which you simply have to escape the room by putting an object on a pressure plate. There are two levels that were created, one more of a demo, the other using assets from the Unreal Marketplace. I use GIT as source control and Visual Studio 2019 as my IDE.

Part 2: Putting What I learned to Use

Using the free assets from Unreal Marketplace, called Spaceship Interior Environment Set by Denys Rutkovskyi, and the experience that I gained from creating the tech demo, I put together a small level with a similar premise as the tech demo, though with a bit of a surprise at the end. It took about 6-7 hours to put together the level, and another hour to put in the interactive features, which includes the pressure plates and doors.

Part 1: A Tech Demo

Through making this tech demo, I was able to learn about how the following are used in Unreal Engine: Binary Space Partitions (BSPs), lighting, material editing, using static meshes, collisions, trigger volumes, physics handlers, sounds and background music, and using components made from code to customize a scene more effectively and add in interaction.

The basis of this demo was to learn how to customize my scene and use Unreal based C++ programming to add functionality to my game.

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