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Currently Working on: Capybara Crush


About Me

Lives in Sacramento, California

Hobbies: Building/Helping build PCs for friends, gaming, collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, watching all kinds of movies and shows (including but not limited to the superhero genre)

Bilingual in English and Pashto!
Top 5 games (not in any order): Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Yakuza 0, The Outer Worlds, Ghost of Tsushima


2017-2021 California State University - Sacramento.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Cum Laude

Languages: C++, Java, C.

IDE: Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Notepad++

Soft Skills: Great Teamwork Skills, Great Communicator, Leader, Problem Solver, Adaptive, Can Take Criticism and turn that into a way to become better, Quick Learner, Critical Thinker, Accountable


I have a deep interest in Video Game development, and believe that I would be a great fit in any team that would have me. I strive to continue my learning journey, and want to help create new ways of looking at the world through video games.

I feel that I work very well on a team, and I try to make sure that I stay on top of my work especially when working with a team. I am able to work alone efficiently as well, and can learn new things quickly if necessary.

GitHub: https://github.com/emrantokhi

This Site

I created this site with the use of React, NextJS, and Material UI! Just want to shout out some of the packages that I was able to use to make this site cool!

The MaterialUI tutorial sites were a great help in making this site happen, and not to mention Vercel, which this site is being hosted on! Give them a check out by clicking their logo in the footer.

HermanNygaard's React scroll to top!

specter256's React Simple Image Viewer!

NextJS and MaterialUI!

Learning Academy LMSUnreal Engine 5Unreal Engine 4RAGE (CSUS)OpenGLC++ CLI