Not the Golden Cow!A Cold December Day


Not the Golden Cow Statue!

Not the Golden Cow Statue! is not supposed to be a game, but it depicts a scene of a UFO abducting a golden cow statue. This was done through JOGL (Java Open Graphics Library) which are libraries that allow a developer to use OpenGL libraries in Java.

Not the Golden Cow Statue! Explained

Going through this, I was able to familiarize myself with how graphics libraries work on the lower end. For example, I was able to learn about 3d math, lighting, water effects, sin waves, interpolation, skyboxes, shadows, atmospheric fog, shaders, textures, camera controllers, rendering, the graphics pipeline, and actually working within the graphics pipeline.

With this particular particular program, I made sure that the movement was based upon elapsed time rather than frame rate, and I was able to implement the previous features in order to create this scene.

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