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In order to solidify my knowledge of C++, I created a blackjack game on the command line. It consists of a standard 52 card deck, a house, and allows up to 7 players to play at once. The rules of blackjack are simply to hit a score of 21, or get higher than what the house has.

Concepts Used

In order to create this game, I had to utilize my knowledge of pointers, addresses, the stack and the heap, enumerators, vectors, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation. I was also able to learn the importance of planning before even touching code as well.

How I Used Those Concepts

As seen in the planning stage, I had to first start off by creating a deck, which I started off with making a "Card" class. The card class would randomly assign itself a value when it is initialized in the "Hand" class. The hand class holds a hand of cards, and this object will also be initialized with each "Player" class. Then I also had to deal with the house, which is simply another "Player" but is controlled by the computer.

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